What Are Boutique Hotels, And How Are They Different From Chains

Hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott offer a highly standardized experience. You can stay in Hilton hotel anywhere in the world and expect familiar designs, accommodations, and levels of quality in the facilities and services. For travelers who are comforted by the predictable, hotel chains are a great choice. But the unique experience is becoming the trendy experience, hence the rise in popularity of boutique hotels melbourne. Unlike a quaint bed and breakfast, or B&B, boutique hotels offer both distinctive style and high-end luxury.

A boutique accommodation melbourne is typically smaller than a chain. Some hoteliers define "boutique" as having no more than 150 rooms. A small hotel can allow guests to receive more personalized service and feel more of a connection to hotel staff members, who can call the guests by name. Other hotel owners, however, put less emphasis on personalization and more on style and feel that they can convey the boutique hotel experience with a larger number of guests.

Allen Baler

Style is one of the most important defining factors of a boutique hotel melbourne. Boutique hotels aim for a highly distinctive style, some favoring unique modern designs and some incorporating historical elements, like Victorian decor, in a renovated older building. Themed hotels are also popular. For example, there is a group of boutique hotels each featuring the work of a different artist. Guest rooms are decorated with original art as well as prints, and art supplies are available to guests.

In large cities, boutique hotels are generally located in the trendiest areas. Interior design tends toward the modern and high tech; guests are likely to have large flat-screen televisions, DVD players, and gaming systems available. City hotels may offer more in the way of entertainment, including a high-quality restaurant or night club as well as entertaining, eye-catching decor.

Boutique hotels in a resort area, however, are more fashionable the more they are hidden away from the public. They are often small with an intimate feel, and they prioritize luxury. Unlike city hotels, resort hotels are more likely to offer a low-tech environment and focus more on exotic luxuries like traditional spas, rose petal baths, massage, etc. The design of a boutique resort hotel will likely include elements of local character.

Boutique hotels are answering consumers' need for a unique, individualized experience coupled with the luxury they expect from an expensive chain. Whether you are looking for a weekend stay or an apartment hotel melbourne for a longer period of time, a boutique hotel can provide you with an enjoyable and memorable experience.